Other identifying features

Our legal consulting on the protection of identifying symbols and names covers not only trademarks, but also titles of works, Internet domains and company logos, i.e. signs used in business to identify enterprises. Copyright law protects titles of publications, films, pieces of music and works for the stage. This protection is based on usage.

However, even prior to release of the work, we can secure the seniority of your title by means of a copyright announcement, provided it is actually used within an appropriate period.

An Internet domain is a specific Internet address, comprising the more important domain name (e.g. dr-stark) and the suffix (e.g. .com). As domains corresponding to other company names or brands are often chosen, infringements on the intellectual property rights of others are frequent.

When it comes to collisions and all other aspects relevant to achieving your goals, we are your expert partners. You can rely on us to leave no option unexplored, including the possibility of a parallel trademark registration, in order to simplify the process of asserting your rights.